A Pair of Suitable Shoes

Cecilia (30) hard-faced, embittered and with a jovial appearance in her dress, returns to live a house of his mother after her breakup with his partner of years. Ana (60), mother of Cecilia, accustomed to solitude, is an independent woman who has fulfilled all the goals in her life. The relationship between Cecilia and Ana is not usually close, and one tries to take care of another, Cecilia depressed, rejects any attempt by Ana to get closer. It is until the death of Roberto, Ana's father and Cecilia's grandfather, that they are honest about their relationship with each other, and that they can observe for the first time themselves in the mirror and understand their own solitude. Shortfilm

DIRECTED BY Ana de Loera
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Ana de Loera, Antonio “Toiz” Rodríguez, Laura Blanco
PRODUCED BY Miriam Henze
SCRIPTWRITER Sofía Gómez Córdova
STARRING Melisa Esparza & Mónica Montaño